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Website Design

qualitywebsite1I build great looking and effective websites for individuals, businesses and companies. Your website is one of the most important components of your marketing strategy – and it’s especially important  to build your website in a way that’s optimized for search from the beginning.  I want you to have a website that is professional, affordable, engaging and SEO friendly. I build functional, great looking websites with emphasis on your branding and ideas.  Websites are no longer a supplement to modern business, they are essential tools and I pride myself and getting you what you need at an affordable price.

Every web project is different and every company is different.  That’s why I take the time to understand each person and each companies needs.  I will build you the right website, conveying the right message and do so in a reasonable time and at very reasonable cost. To better understand why I enjoy and prefer to build sites with wordpress, its important to understand a bit more about wordpress.  Each platform a website might be build upon has both positive and negative aspects.  With wordpress the pros out weight the cons by a lot. I have been asked multiple times why it is I have embraced WordPress so thoroughly. To understand why you first must know a bit about this awesome CMS (content management system). WordPress first began life as a humble blogging tool known as b2 cafelog. When Michel V. – the creator of b2 cafelog – decided to end further development Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little came together to create WordPress. WordPress began as an open source platform and has remained such throughout its history. As a content management system it allows a great deal of control over design, function and more while providing the basic skeletal system of your site. More time can be spent on ensuring you get the look and feel you want rather than on basic coding that would simply eat time better spent elsewhere. Another major bonus in my opinion is that the WordPress CMS empowers you, the client, by allowing you a rather substantial degree of control over adding new posts, pages, media and more without having to run to a programmer every time you need or want a change.

Specifics of what  you get when I build you a website:

  • Full WordPress installation
  • Help with content creation if needed
  • Regular maintenance of the website to include updates and security checks
  • Changes to your website when and if you need it at not extra charge (It is my intent to take make sure changes to your website happen quickly and smoothly and for no additional charge.  However, there is in my opinion and “undefined” amount of potential changes requested by a client that are..unreasonable to do for free.  I haven’t encountered that yet with a client, but if that occurs, I reserve the right to apply an additional charge to the client.
  • Contact/ Email page if you need or want it
  • Photo / Video Gallery if you need or  want it
  • Slide shows if you need or want it
  • Assistance with banner creation if you need or want it
  • Fully responsive (views well on a cell phone) website if that is important to you
  • and more…

All websites are hosted at Godaddy.  The monthly fee for hosting and ongoing maintenance is $11.97 per month.  This $11.97 covers maintenance and all future changes to your website.  Basically it keeps me involved so that you have a healthy website long into the future.  It is important to remember that this monthly fee keeps the website live and hosted and should the client not pay Godaddy the fee the website will eventually come down (go away) and I will not be able to rebuild the site for free.